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Boy O Boy - Shared screen with speaker view
Regina Wilken
Great job panelists and SGPA for putting this together. Best Boy O Boy ever! Super proud of our boys, especially our Grads. All the best to you as you move on to your next adventure!
Dharini Thiruchittampalam
Thank you to all the boys, Ms. Roberts and Mr. Lee for sharing so openly and vulnerably. Truly appreciate the wisdom shared today 🙏
Shawna Merkur
Such a gift. Thank you so much!! So grateful!! Boys you did a great job. Thank you
Shawna Merkur
Martin Shen is amazing!! Thank you Christina as well.
Jenny Dickson
Thank you to the SPGA, Mr. Lee, Ms. Roberts and the students, we loved hearing from all of you!
Poonam Sethi
This has been such an amazing Boy O Boy talk! Greatly appreciate the honesty, vulnerability and deep wisdom shared by all the students and faculty. So grateful for our Saints community.